Research Projects

Research projects of the International Centre of Heritage Studies

The International Centre for Heritage Studies (ICHS) is researching on the architectural history of  Cyprus, with particular attention to the models used in urban and architectural design in the different phases (Byzantine, Medieval, Frankish, Renaissance,  Venetian and Ottoman).

The research is focusing on the case study of the Acheiropoietos Monastery, in comparison with other meaningful examples.



International design workshop/Graduation laboratory (Architecture and Restoration) Reading and designing the area of Lambousa-Karavas, Cyprus, November 18th-29th 2014, organized by Sapienza University of Rome, Faculty of Architecture, Girne American University, Cyprus.

International workshop, Abraham’s house, Designing the Temple of peace", May 5th-8th 2015, International Centre for Heritage Studies, Girne American University, Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts, Cyprus.



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